Strawberry Shakes

For making the best quality fruit strawberry shake, one should require the following ingredients to make the two shakes:

•  2 ½ cups of the ripe and fresh strawberries

•  3 cups of premium vanilla ice cream

•  2/3 cup half and half sweetened cream for topping

•  ½ cup granulated sugar

How Can Make A Good Quality Fruit Strawberry Shake?

For making the fruit strawberry shake, first of all wash, trim and slice the fruit strawberries. Thereafter sprinkles the sugar on the strawberries and let them soak at the room temperature for two hours and overnight in the refrigerator. Place half of strawberries and half the ice cream in the blender plus half the juice from the fruit strawberries. Puree until smooth and combined. Now put the shake in the tall and chilled glass while you make the second shake.

What Makes A Shake Very Good?

For making a shake of good quality, use the very best fruit strawberries that you can find in the market. In case they are too ripe, they may be with unpleasant, “off” taste. If they are not ripe enough, they would not have the enough flavour. Use the right amount of berries is also required for making the shake good. The colour and appearance of the shake will tell you if you have the enough amounts of fruit strawberries. The shake should be rich and pastel pink colour. If you did not find the shake pink enough then add some more fruit strawberries.

What Are The Other Ingredients Which One Can Use In The Shake?

However, fruit strawberry shake is the delicious summer drink itself, but if you serve it with the ice creams of the vanilla or any other flavour of your choice, it will become more delicious. French vanilla, caramel and the brown sugar are the good choices for making delicious fruit strawberry shake.

One can find out all the recipes related to the fruit strawberry shakes in the Internet. Internet acting like a master chef for helping you in making the good quality of fruit strawberry shakes. There are other ways to find out these recipes like books written by the person who have expertise in the field of cooking. By knowing how to make the fruit strawberry, you not only increase the taste of your tongue but also get the delicious and nutritious good shake for the summer season which keeps your body cool. Continue your reading to “fruit strawberry smoothies (with recipes)” for getting the ideas regarding strawberry smoothies.

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