Strawberry Mousse Dessert

Increase the party beauty with tasty dessert!

Dessert strawberry mouse often incorporates with the fruit strawberries. It might be possible that mouse made from the various forms of chocolate and spices, like cinnamon and nutmeg mouse, but the taste of the strawberry mouse is amazing. 

This dessert mouse is typically served cold and may be cooked or uncooked; it depends on the recipe which you are making. Uncooked mouse can be the risk for the health, unless it is made available with the presence of the pasteurized eggs.

What Is Strawberry Mousse?

Fruit strawberry mousse is a light, and airy food made in conjunction with the eggs, whipped cream and gelatine. It can be served in both, hot and cold as well as it can be savoury or sweet, which can surprise the people who thoughts specifically of strawberry mousse, a popular form of the food dessert, when they hear the word mousse. There are varieties of methods to prepare and serve the strawberry mousse, making it extremely varied dish. Most of the cookbooks have the recipes related to the fruit strawberry mousse.

How One Can Make The “Mousse Aux Fraises”?

For making the strawberry mousse fraises is quite easy, the only need to mix all the ingredients in a proportionate amount. The following ingredients are required for making the dish:

• Fruit strawberry one pound with six small ones for the decoration of the dish if you wish
• Lemon juice of ½ lemons
• ½ cup sugar
• Pinch of salt
• ½ cup whipping cream
• 4 egg whites

Now puree the fruit strawberries with the lemon juice and sugar in a blender or food processor. Thereafter in another mixing bowl beat the cream until it is stiff. Mix one cup of the egg whites in the fruit strawberry and cream mixture, and then gently fold this back in the eggs whites. Now pour the mouse in the individual serving’s dishes and decorate with the fruit strawberry. Thereafter refrigerates it at least for the two hours. One can make at least 6 servings with the quantity of above mentioned ingredients.

What Is The Use Of Other Ingredients In The Strawberry  Mouse Other Than Strawberry?

The ingredients in the fruit strawberry mouse have several functions such as the use of the beaten cream and eggs in the mouse creates the air pockets in the dish which makes it light and fluffy. Sometimes the use of the gelatine helps the mouse stick together, with the lightness which can make it feel quite refreshing. It can be served either with mould or can be served unmolded, depends upon your dish.

By using the fruit strawberry mouse in the party as desserts, one can increase the beauty of the party. This delicious dish creates an amazing taste in the tongue of the guests as well as it is quite simple to make the dish with the easily available ingredients. Continue your reading to “Easy Strawberry Ice Cream (with recipes)”, for getting the ideas regarding how to make the delicious ice cream recipe with fruit strawberry.

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