Strawberry Fruit Smoothie

How to make the fruit strawberry smoothie? For making the fruit strawberry smoothie, the following ingredients are required which are easily available in a grocery shop. It is quite easy to make the fruit strawberry smoothie and can be prepared in just 5 minutes. It is vegetable recipe and one can get the 159 calories from its each serving. Ingredients of the fruit strawberry smoothies are as follows:
• 8 hulled strawberries
• ½ cup plain yogurt
• ½ cup skimmed milk
• 2 table spoon vanilla extract
• 6 crushed ice cubes
• 3 table spoon white sugar

For making the strawberry smoothie combines fruit strawberries with the milk, yoghurt, sugar and vanilla in the blender and blend the ingredients well. There after add the crushed ice cubes and blend again till the drink become smooth and creamy. Now pour the drink in the glasses and serve chilled with dry fruits.

What Is The Best Place To Find Out The Various Strawberry Smoothie Recipes?

One can find out his fruit strawberry recipes on the Internet. A large number of dishes of strawberry smoothies available on the Internet which are written by the various chefs. There is also variety of books available in the book stall which is related to the fruit strawberry recipes. There are some programme and magazines where one can find out regarding various recipes of the fruit strawberry. Even you can do your own experience by using different ingredients.

Low Calorie Food

Whatever ingredients you are using, the fruit strawberry smoothie, not only help in to increase the taste of your tongue, but also provide you the best quality low calorie food during dieting for maintaining your weight. There are several ways of serving this dish which changes from person to person and place to place. Continue your reading to “fruit strawberry juice (with recipes)”, to get the idea regarding a variety of fruit strawberry juice.

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