Strawberry Fruit Juice

Strawberry Juice: A summer Drink! A chilled juice of a variety of fruits provides you relax in the season of summer. When you become quickly tired due to the sun heat.

Juice provides the body essential contents which are good for the proper working of the body. These contents include all types of nutrients and minerals, the quantity and type of the nutrients depends on the fruit which you are using in the juice.

Fruit strawberry juice is one of them which consist of the large amount of vitamin C.

The strawberries can really cut through your juice with the divine, sweet taste. You may be surprised that how just a few fruit strawberries can influence the taste of multi fruit juice recipes.

How Does Strawberry Juice Keep The Body Healthy?

Fruit strawberries are the good source of the Vitamin C – strawberries contain a huge amount of Vitamin C than the citrus fruits. Fruit strawberry is also a source of ellagic acid, which is the compound that has been shown to prevent the carcinogens from turning the healthy cell in cancerous one.

What Are The Required Ingredients And Procedure For Making Good Strawberry Fruit Juice?

Making the fruit strawberry juice is extremely simple task and takes only few minutes. The required ingredients for the fruit strawberry juice are as follows:

• 2 cups fresh whole fruit strawberries
• Sugar 1-2 table spoon
• Water 1 cup, cold (or replace with the sparkling water)
• Vanilla Sugar 1 table spoon (or replace it with the sugar and vanilla extract)
• Lemon Juice 1 table spoon (freshly squeezed)

Now cut the fresh fruit strawberries in to the thin slices and sprinkle over with 1 table spoon sugar and 1 table spoon vanilla sugar. Now leave it in the refrigerator for the two to three hours until the juice starts to come out from the strawberries. Thereafter process the fruit strawberries with the cold water and lemon juice in the blender. Taste the blend and add sugar as per your requirement. Now strain the juice and served chilled with the dry fruits.

How One Can Know About Various Recipes Related To The Strawberry Juice?

It is quite simple to find out various fruit strawberry recipes on Internet. Internet is the hub for sharing information and one can easily find out the recipes of your taste. Change your taste according to the recipes. The other good source for getting the information regarding the recipes is the books, cooking related programme and magazines. One can find out the recipe of their choice easily.


Fruit strawberries are an ideal fruit to grow at home because they require very little tending in comparison to the commercial strawberries which have often treated with pesticides. The strawberry, which grown at home, is the best one for making the strawberry juice. One can make the juice tastier by adding different flavour or other fruits in it. Continue your reading to “Fruit strawberry Beauty”, for getting the idea regarding the strawberry cosmetics.

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