Easy Strawberry Ice Cream

Increase the Beauty of the party with Dessert! As the child grows up in the rural village, one of the great pleasures of the summer season was the picking up strawberries from the field. When June arrived, waited excitedly for the giant signs along with all other children go up in the fields of the farmer for picking up the fruit strawberry. It is one of the best things which can convert your party in to the good one, if you serve these strawberries ice cream at the end of the party. This ice cream not only like by the child but also the adults will also praise for the fruit strawberry ice cream if you make it in the home with the help of the proportionate amount of the ingredients.

What Is An Ice Cream?

Ice cream is a dessert of summer which is available in various variety and flavour. Now a day one can make the ice cream of any variety whether it is made of fruit, chocolate, dry fruit or any other stuff, but the taste of the fruit strawberry ice cream you never get anywhere.

How To Make The Fruit Strawberry Ice Cream?

Making fruit strawberry at home is very simple task, the only need to mix all the ingredients in the proportion for getting the best taste which you never forget. The ingredients for the dish are as follows:

•  Strawberries 450 gm

•  Double Cream 450 gm

•  Sugar 75 gm

•  Water 50 ml

For making the ice cream first of all hull and chop the fruit strawberries in the small pieces, one can chop the larger strawberry in the six and smaller strawberry in to four. Then place it to one side. Now place the sugar and water in the pan and make the sugar syrup. Heat the pan until the sugar completely dissolved in the water and then simmers for the few minutes. Pour the syrup and the strawberries in the food processor and blend well until you have the puree. Now add the puree to the cream and churn in the ice cream maker.

How One Can Serve The Fruit Strawberry Ice Cream In The Party?

There are several ways of serving the fruit strawberry ice cream, the only need to choose the right way of serving as per occasion. If you are using the fruit strawberry ice cream at home then one can consume it directly in any type of mould or without mould, but in case if you are serving it to the party, then it is good to serve it with the attractive mould and add the dry fruits cuttings on the top of the ice cream which will help to increase the outer beauty of the fruit strawberry ice cream.

Fruit strawberry ice cream is not only a good dessert for the party but also good idea for the daily use. One can make it easily at home without any difficulty. Continue your reading to “fruit drinks or desserts”, for getting the ideas regarding various type of strawberry desserts or drinks.

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