Chocolate Covered Strawberry Gift Baskets – A Heart Filled Gift For Your Loved Ones

Yummy, yummy – chocolate covered strawberry gift baskets can be a heard filled gift for your familiy member or “best friend” to name a few!

Share the warmth of your love and affection with your near and dear ones this season and what better could be the gift for everyone than those chocolate covered strawberry gift baskets.

The tempting and mouth watering Strawberries, dipped in hot dark chocolate will surely bring a big smile on the faces of people you love.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Basket for Valentine`s Day

Strawberries are most preferred and are popular on eves like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and weddings. Now people prefer giving strawberries instead of a simple box of chocolate. Love and affection increases when the recipient opens the box of love.

On health notes, Strawberries are very healthy and have added benefits, which they can add to any diet. Dipped in smooth melted dark chocolate adds even more health benefits. Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate is a very healthy way to start the morning, as the dark chocolate contains fiber and antioxidants for a more filling breakfast.

Occasions like Christmas can be marked by exchanging fruit gift basket and other goodies. A bounty filled with fruit strawberry and other delicious fruits will certainly prove to be a better gift then any other ordinary gift.


Strawberry dipped in dark chocolate and specially packed in gift-wraps will enhance the festive joy many folds.

The basket can be shared among the members of the family, bringing them together, and also, enhancing relationships.

The Right Choice Of Fruits Is Important

The affection and reaction of the recipient of chocolate covered strawberry gift baskets depends upon the choice of the berries. It should be farm fresh and well ripe.

Undersized and dull berries will certainly spoil the mood. Using correct combination of chocolate and the eye appeal are other factors affecting the reaction of the recipient. Well, if the choice is correct and everything goes off well, it will add the sparkle in your loved one’s eyes and will dissolve the sweetness of love.

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