Buying Strawberry Plants

Protecting the plant! One cannot get the fruit strawberry just by planting it in the field.

These are required a little care, so that can get the best thing as the result of your hard work.

That is why; one should ensure the proper care of the plant.

One must follow all the requirements which are essential for the growth of the plant strawberry.
So what are you waiting for – just browse through the chart at the bottom and enjoy the fruits!

How To Plant Fruit Strawberry

It is an important to plant the fruit strawberry to the correct depth. The too low to the ground may cause the growing crown may not rot while too high may cause the roots dry out.

How To Protect The Fruit

As the fruits of the plant begin to develop, the weight of the fruit may cause them to lie on the ground. It is good to cover the soil around the plant with the plastic. Small holes in the plastic allow the drainage of the water and stop the water gathering on it. The plastic prevent the fruit strawberry from lying directly on the ground which will rot them. If there are birds around your garden, then there is a need to protect the fruit strawberry from them. The best permanent and effective solution for the bird damage of many fruits strawberry is fruit cage.

How To Protect The Plant From Other Atmospheric Factor And Diseases?

Fruit strawberry needs a lot of water until they are not well established in the soil. Once they established, they should be OK without additional water, but when the fruits start to swell, starts watering again. Strawberries prefer the free draining, well-dug soil. If the soil is water logged, the plant can quickly attract the variety of mould disease. It is good for the fruit strawberry plant to use a weak solution of the tomato which is high in potassium. Feeding with the nitrogen rich feed will increase the leaf growth at the expense of the growth of the fruit. The best time for the feeding is when you see the fruits forming. When the plants being grown under the cloches, remember to open them wide during the day’s middle part so that insects can reach the flowers and helps to pollinate them. The major pests and diseases of the fruit strawberries are the aphids, slugs, powdery mildew, red spider mite and botrytis. Keep the potted strawberry plant in the light position, feed the soil with the nitrogen based liquid fertiliser every two weeks for protecting them from disease and keep the soil moist. If the plant grows out from the pot, then put them into the slightly larger pot.

In this way, one can protect the plant and fruit from getting damage due to various factors. It is good to follow the laid down guideline and rules for getting the best from them. Fruit strawberry is extremely easy to plant but require little care.

Strawberry Plant
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Pack of 6 potted Strawberry Sweetheart Plants
0-0£5.00Who could resist these terrific dark red berries, tasting oh so sweet? Ready for picking from June, the small conical fruit of Sweetheart are aptly named as the to-die-for berries strike the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity theyre absolutely delicious with a splash of fresh cream! Producing large crops for up to three years, these compact plants are supplied ready to plant in the ground or into patio pots, and they will love a sunny spot with well drained, fertile soil. Water them regularly, especially during hot, sunny weather and feed once a week when flowers appear, using a fertiliser thats high in potash, and youll be rewarded with an abundant, delicious harvest! One of the best new strawberry varieties for the home gardener, producing crops up to 50% more than the established variety Elsanta in years 2 and 3.

(as of 07/24/2021 21:41 PST - Details)

Swanley Village Nursery 20 X Strawberry Plants Bare Rooted Korona
its combination of flavour, season and disease resistance. The
variety produces a high yield of large, bright, attractive fruit
commencing 5 days ahead of Elsanta. Korona's resistance
to Verticillium Wilt and other root diseases make it an easy
variety to grow successfully.

(as of 07/24/2021 21:41 PST - Details)

Swanley Village Nursery 20 X Strawberry Plants Bare Rooted Malling Opel
Malling Opal produces large,
attractive, conical berries with a particularly good sweet flavour and
juicy texture. This variety is larger fruited and higher yielding than its
sister seeding, MallinG

(as of 07/24/2021 21:41 PST - Details)

Swanley Village Nursery 20 X Strawberry Plants Bare Rooted Marshmellow
An East Malling Research variety producing strong, vigorous, large
crowned plants with excellent disease resistance. Marshmello was
selected on the basis of its superb flavour and large fruit

(as of 07/24/2021 21:41 PST - Details)

Strawberry Planter Kit with 10 potted Strawberry Sweetheart
0-0n/aWith this incredible kit you can now grow your own crop of delicious strawberries straight from your patio! Complete with a space saving pop-up planter, and 10 Strawberry Sweetheart plants aptly named as the to-die-for berries strike the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity! Expect to pick nearly 5kg (10lbs) of fruit each spring. This space saving pop-up planter takes up less than 40cm x 40cm floor space, yet has space for 10 plants perfect for anyone who loves home-grown fruit but has no space. It raises fruits off the ground for easy picking & keeps it away from slugs and snails!

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Alpine Strawberry native wild plant 9cm pots FREE DELIVERY
0-0£4.49Alpine Strawberries are a native woodland plant that is happy in a bit of dappled shade as well as full sun. It is a wonderful plant with so many uses. It is a excellent ground cover plant that flowers profusely - attracting bees and other pollinators- followed by delicious tiny strawberries that are perfect for summer teas. The plants are a good size and grown in 9cm pots. They are ready to be planted straight into the garden. They are also excellent in containers. Plant a foot apart and they are very easy to look after

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