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How to grow strawberry at home or in the garden? Fruit strawberry is an easy to grow fruit crop, which reward the home gardener, with the ample harvest for the years. With the favourable conditions, strawberry plant produces one quart of the strawberries. By growing fruit strawberry at home not only, you can increase the beauty of your home garden but also can enjoy the delicious fruit which is good for health for years. Basically there are three types of strawberry plants, which are known as June Bearing, Ever bearing and day Neutral.

How To Plant The Fruit Strawberry?

One should know about the basic conditions when locating the fruit strawberry patch which includes the full sun, well drained, sandy loam with the pH from 5.8 to 6.2 which is ideal and does not plant with other crops like tomatoes, peppers and potatoes.

One should plant these fruit strawberries plant in the spring when the soil is dry enough too worked. Be sure to purchase the certified disease free plants. Select the plant having large crowns with the healthy and light coloured roots. It is a good idea to make a hole which is large enough to spread the roots. Hill the whole centre and place the crown at the level of soil. Spread the roots downward on the hill.

How To Mulch The Strawberry Bed?

The mulching of the fruit strawberry plant after the planting keep the soil temperature cool, deter the weeds and keep the fruit out of the soil. Traditional strawberry mulch is the straw. Avoid the use of black plastic since, it can raise the temperature of the soil and optimal fruit production requires the cool soil. For the colder climates, mulching over the plants of the fruit strawberry will prevent injury to the crowns. One should wait until the temperature drops up to 20 degree fharnehite and cover with the several inches of pipe needles or straw. It is a good idea to use the mulch that can easily remove in the spring season.

What Are The Other Considerable Factors For Growing The Strawberry At Home?

One should know that the one to two inches of water per week is needed for the juicy fruit strawberries. Water is must while the fruit is starting forming, from early bloom to the end of the harvest. Fertilising is also necessary to grow the plant without any fear of disease to the fruit strawberry plant. First of all start with the organic soil, and apply the balanced amount of the fertiliser in the land. It should be remembered that do not over fertilise the crop otherwise you will have the excessive leaf growth and poor flowering.

By following all the guidelines for fruit strawberry, one can plant these fruits at home without any difficulty which is a brilliant idea for increasing the beauty of your home garden. Obviously, you will get the best result for your hard work.


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