Fruit Strawberry

He, who has health, has hope. And he, who has hope, has everything! Healthy living required the good source of food in your diet. Strawberry is one of the fruit which is healthier snack to eat. Phenols found in a large amount ‘in the strawberry which is beneficial for your health’.

The fruit strawberry contains the high amount of minerals and Vitamin C. Manganese also found in these strawberries. This is also the good source of fibre, potassium, iodine, folate, Vitamin B3, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin K, cooper and Vitamin B6. One can use these strawberries in various ways in the meals. It is good fruit to maintain much healthier lifestyle. It is always advantageous whether using it as fruit, using it to make the sauces, desserts, and drinks or using in combination with other-food sources. These berries first cultivated in Rome and regarded as the major fruit due to the high amount of Vitamin C content.

10 Reasons To Eat More Straberries!

1. Eating fruit strawberry increase the production of brain. It act like a memory enhancer and helps in increasing the brain power.

2. The folate in the strawberry is good during pregnancy. Eating fruit strawberry daily in the food helps to lower the risk of birth defect among the mothers. It is also keeping you away from the cold and infections.

3. It helps to reduce the arthritis and increase the bones strength due to the presence of Vitamin D in it.

4. Phenols which found in this fruit fights against the inflammation in the joints.

5. Eating strawberry is better for the eye sight.

6. Eating fruit strawberries is work as anti cancer and boost the immune system.

7. The high amount of Vitamin in the fruit helps to reduce the heart disease.

8. The fibre, which found in the fruit strawberry, helps in maintain the healthy digestive system.

9. The one great thing regarding this fruit that it can be consumed in many ways and the plants grow easy!

10. The presence of potassium and magnesium in the fruit strawberry helps in lowering the blood pressure.

How Can One Use These Fruits?

One can use the fruit strawberry in any form whether it is in the form of fruit, juice or mixed with other fruit for fruit salad.  Strawberry in combination with other  fruit or dried fruit are very healthy.

How Does It Work?

The presences of all types of minerals which are essential, for the body, keep your immune system stronger, so that can fight against all types of diseases. Fruit strawberry provides the required energy for the body which helps to activate you all the times. The minerals which it contains create the antibodies for fighting with the outside viruses and bacteria.

We can understand that how fruit strawberry helps in fighting with the diseases. The above mentioned 10 reason can easily explain the effect of various contents of the strawberry in the development of the different parts of the body as well as for healing of the other critical problems.

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